Welcome to Perfectly Timed

Do you work hard and never have the time to enjoy the rewards of your efforts? Read on!

Perfectly Timed is a personal concierge company, creating time for hard-working people all over the UK. Let us take care of the more mundane of lifes tasks, and make the most out of life!

Perhaps you are struggling to balance work with looking after the kids. Let us take the strain by helping within the home. We cook, we clean, we can even administer your household bills! Perhaps you need help in the home with a special occasion, or simply with the day to day chores and tasks. We can arrange a chef, housekeeper or absolutely anyone to make life that much easier.

Think, for a minute, about the things you hate doing, the things that get in the way of living an exciting and fulfilled life. Whether its grocery shopping, making travel arrangements, waiting in for a workman to call or even weeding the garden! We love to do the jobs you hate!

Life is too short to worry about mowing the lawn, a leaking tap or the mountain of paperwork building up in the office. Let Perfectly Timed help you take control of the boring stuff and make time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Let Perfectly Timed take on the essential but often dull tasks in life, allowing you to spend more quality time with friends and family. Let Perfectly Timed transform your life!

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