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PERFECTLY TIMED shortlisted for Best Concierge Company at the 2012 London Lifestyle Awards

The trumpets have sounded and the shortlist for this year’s London Lifestyle Awards has been announced, and we are excited that PERFECTLY TIMED has made the shortlist in the London Best Concierge Company of the year category. 

The London Lifestyle Awards were founded to honour the lifestyle businesses in the capital whose work has made a real difference and a true contribution to London and the people living in the city. We are the most thoughtful, most effective, most innovative, most ethical and certainly the most FUN! We pride ourselves on our quality of service to our clients and we aim to continuously define excellence not just in London, but on a global scale. 

Perfectly Timed is a personal concierge company, creating time for hard-working people all over the UK and overseas. We help a huge range of people from all works of life.  Whether you’re a two income family or a single parent, you can rely on us to help you through the journey of life.  from domestic and property management, events management, travel, lifestyle and business management and relocation to the UK and a million other essential but rather mundane tasks.  The list is endless!

Our passion is providing the most personal concierge service in the UK and overseas.  We do much more than help, we develop relationships.  We inspire trust and gratitude in all of our clients, making them come back to us time and time again.  We at Perfectly Timed and its team of support staff have worked tirelessly for almost two years ensuring that we not only deliver excellent concierge services, but we also exceed our client’s expectations and aim to change the lives of busy people everywhere.

We believe that we have earned our place on the shortlist, but we are calling on you our friends, clients and contractors to confirm to the world that we are truly deserving of the award of Best Concierge Company 2012 by voting for us. 


Imagine having your very own hotel concierge, in your own home.....

There is now a London business that can help with anything from buying the weekly groceries to purchasing a new home. is a service for anyone who has ever needed a helping hand.

At Perfectly Timed, our aim is to assist busy people of all ages and backgrounds with daily chores or once in a lifetime events. We can make your bed, just before arranging your house purchase. We can vacuum the living room, just before booking your world cruise. We can cook you dinner, just before arranging the sale of your car.

We pride ourselves on developing a personal relationship with all of our clients, while keeping a professional distance. We offer advice without interfering and we help out without taking over. is a concierge-style service that helps people juggle their busy schedules with their private life. Life can get hectic and stressful and everyone needs some help to get things done from time to time - that is where we come in.

Our employees, just like our clients, are from all backgrounds and walks of life. We are a team of many parts and have business, marketing, IT, Health and Safety and life experience, meaning there is no task we can't handle.

We offer a business service where we can take the strain of managing schedules, typing, filing, recruitment and project co-ordination. We also offer a comprehensive relocation service, where we'll arrange absolutely everything. is a south London based company with a 20-year tradition of serving the needs of the busy people of the capital. However, we are about to launch our service across the whole capital and we wanted you to be the first to know.

To discuss our business and its services personally please call Paige George on

Tel: + 44 (0)208 355 4452